Custom Point-of-Sale Systems
ENV / Chip and Pin Credit Card Processing

Hello, I’m Joseph Sammarco and I’m a full-stack web, Node.js developer and building automation engineer. I’m passionate about creating innovative, custom solutions. I am well versed in Mac, Windows and Linux. I have worked with embedded systems and microprocessors as well.

Visit my portfolio to see some of my clients and custom solutions. Feel free to see some custom electronic, software and LED projects I’ve created over the years. Some of my person projects have snowballed ideas into customer products and solutions.

3D Printed Lithophane – Light shined from behind reveals the photo

I also enjoy manufacturing and have expanded by offering 3D CAD design and 3D Printing. I have designed scaled 3D models for customers prototyping potential products. I have created beautiful works of art from mathematical computer aided design modeling and lithophanes of family photos.

3D Printing – Additive Manufacturing
Custom Distance Measuring Device using Ultrasound
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